ABISee Inc. manufactures a portable instant scanning/reading machine for the blind and deaf-blind that allows output to a braille display and speech; an instant book-to-speech tool with a fast, 20-page-per-minute scanner and OCR of bound books; and a flexible CCTV. Call 800-681-5909 or visit

Audiopoint designs, develops and deploys automatic speech-recognition software for consumer-oriented businesses. Call 866-545-1560 or visit

AI Squared sells ZoomText magnification and reading software, now on USB flash drives, as well as a large-print keyboard. Call 800-859-0270 or visit

Cambium Learning Technologies is comprised of three companies, one of which is Kurzweil Educational Systems, makers of the Kurzweil 1000. This award-winning software makes printed or electronic text accessible. Contact 800-894-5374, 781-276-0600 or

Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) provides assistive technology and services to people with disabilities, Federal managers, supervisors, IT professionals, and wounded services members. Contact or 703-998-0800, ext 35.

Dolphin Computer Access has a range of software products, including screen reading, screen magnification, and reading and writing tools. Visit or call 609- 803-2171 or 866-797-5921.

Duxbury Systems Inc. produces software for braille, including the Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) and MegaDots. DBT supports Grade 1 and Grade 2 translation in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Malaysian, Swedish and other languages. Duxbury’s software can produce contracted and uncontracted braille, mathematics and technical braille. Contact or 978-692-3000.

E.M. Vitu Inc. sells standalone print readers, scanning and reading software, screen readers, screen magnifiers, braille displays and embossers, translation software, accessible PDAs and CCTVs, and complete PC systems. Call 888-367-4004 or 847-367-4004.

Enabling Technologies offers braillers and reading machines. Call 772-225-3687 or 800-777-3687 or visit

En-Vision America Inc. provides high-tech voice-enabled products, such as i.d. mate OMNI, the talking bar code reader, and ScripTalk, the talking pharmaceutical reader. Call 800-890-1180 or visit

Franklin Electronic Publishers manufactures talking dictionaries, thesaruses, and language translators.  Call 800-266-5626 or visit

Freedom Scientific develops, manufactures, and markets technology-based products, including screen-reading and magnification software, pocket PC, braille displays, DAISY player, GPS device, barcode reader, video magnifiers and deaf-blind communication equipment. Call 800-444-4443 or visit

GW Micro sells the Window-Eyes screen reader, the Braille Sense notetaker, the SmallTalk Ultra mini-PC; the portable SenseView magnifiers/CCTVs; the VoiceSense PDA; and the SyncBraille display. Call 260-489-3671 or visit

Guerilla Technologies designs and manufactures reading machines. Call 772-283-0500 or visit

Handytech North America sells accessible mobile phones and PDAs, barcode scanners, braille products, screen-reading and magnification software, and video magnification and OCR systems. Contact 651-636-5184 or visit

Humanware markets products in the following areas: braille and speech; low-vision aids; orientation; digital talking book players; and learning disabilities. In the braille and speech area, they sell notetakers; handheld computers; braille embossers and writers; braille displays; the ScannaR reading machine; and screen readers. For low-vision they have portable magnifiers. Orientation products include the Trekker line and the BrailleNote GPS. Call 800-722-3393 or visit

KNFB Reading Technology sells the Reader Classic, a handheld personal reading device, and the Mobile Reader, a personal reader combined with a cell phone. Developed in cooperation with the National Federation of the Blind, these devices read most print documents, including U.S. currency, and include a voice recorder, music player and more. Call 877-547- 1500 or visit

Kurzweil Educational Systems sells online and also through resellers Kurzweil 1000, award-winning software that makes printed or electronic text readily available to people who are blind or visually impaired. Call 800-894-5374 or visit

LevelStar has introduced the Icon plus Docking Station, a mobile manager and notetaker. Engineered with a two-part design, the Icon can be in your hand like a PDA, or, when plugged into the Docking Station, it can be used as a notetaker.  Visit or call 800-315-2305 or 303-926-4334.

Plextor LLC sells DAISY players and recorders, including the new portable Plextalk. Visit

Sendero Group develops and sells GPS and maps programs for the BrailleNote family of products. Sendero also sells the BrailleNote and VoiceNote, Voice Sense, Braille Sense Plus, Miniguide, i.d. mate OMNI, Talks, Mobile Speak, KNFB Mobile Reader, VictorReader Stream and Tiger embossers. Contact 530-757-6800 or

Serotek Corp. has developed a robust network that enables users requiring adaptive technology to access the Internet, e-mail, chat rooms, shopping and more while using a simple and easy design interface. Contact or 866-202-0520.