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Students Developing a Car for the Blind

By Daniel Sieberg © CBS News — Visually impaired and blind people are the first to say that overcoming challenges like getting around is just a part of life. But driving a car is another matter entirely, and largely off-limits. That is, until now…. READ STORY

Helping Blind Drivers Take the Wheel

By ALEX RABINOWITZ © The New York Times — Undergraduate students at the Virginia Tech College of Engineering have entered relatively uncharted territory in the automobile world. They have created a vehicle that enables the visually impaired to drive unassisted…. READ STORY

Blind Drivers Test Retrofitted Car

By Ki Mae Heussner © ABC News — On Friday, 20 blind people took turns taking control of a retrofitted four-wheel dune buggy designed by students at the Virginia Tech College of Engineering in Blacksburg, Va. The event was part of a program organized by the National Federation of the Blind to encourage high school students to pursue careers in science and technology…. READ STORY