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Jury commissioner asks potential juror with a service dog to prove his disability

By Erin Sullivan © Baltimore City Paper — On Sept. 14, Ned Humphrey loaded his dog Haku into his car, drove downtown, and reported in for jury duty. Humphrey, a Charles Village resident, has worked with Haku, a 6-year-old Korean jindo, as his medical service dog since 2003. To date, Humphrey says, he’s taken Haku everywhere–they’ve traveled all over the country and even overseas, and he says that only a motel owner has ever given him trouble over the dog. Still, Humphrey says that when he got his summons, he called the Jury Commissioner’s office to let them know he’d be happy to come, but would bring his service dog with him. Humphrey says that Jury Commissioner Nancy Dennis told him that no one had ever made such a request before, and that if he wanted to bring Haku, he would need to bring a doctor’s letter explaining his disability and proving the need for the dog…. READ ARTICLE

Schools fight families over service dogs

By Jim Suhr © The Associated Press, Chicago — Like seeing-eye dogs for the blind, trained dogs are now being used to help autistic children deal with their disabilities. But some schools want to keep the animals out, and families are fighting back. Two autistic elementary school students recently won court orders in Illinois allowing their dogs to accompany them to school. Their lawsuits follow others in California and Pennsylvania over schools’ refusal to allow dogs that parents say calm their children, ease transitions and even keep the kids from running into traffic. At issue is whether the dogs are true “service dogs” — essential to managing a disability — or simply companions that provide comfort…. READ STORY