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Statler Center offers training program

© Buffalo News, New York — The National Statler Center is offering training in the hospitality and customer service fields for blind, visually impaired and other disabled people…. READ STORY

Career Training and Employment Opportunities Available to Blind, Visually Impaired and Disabled Individuals

Individuals seeking careers in the Hospitality Industry and Customer Service professions may apply for the Statler Center Careers in Hospitality Program. The National Statler Center offers this class to blind, visually impaired and disabled persons at their Buffalo, NY, campus, attracting students from throughout the US, North America and abroad. Applications are being accepted immediately for our next ten-week course which begins September 9, 2009. This course provides thorough training in Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Customer Service preparedness; the Microsoft Office suite; and personal job-search assistance to place graduates in fulfilling career positions. More information is available by calling Jeff Pease, Statler Center, 716-888-4516, or online at