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Radiation Beams Used to Restore Eyesight

By Thomas Moore © Sky News, U.K. — British surgeons are pioneering a technique that uses pinpoint beams of radiation to restore eyesight to blind people. The therapy kills abnormal blood vessels at the back of the eye that cause macular degeneration. The disease is the most common cause of blindness, affecting more than a quarter of a million people in the UK. Currently, they are treated with monthly injections of a drug into the eyeball. But the new treatment – called brachytherapy – needs just a single trip to hospital…. READ ARTICLE

Better Vision, With a Telescope Inside the Eye

By Anne Eisenberg © The New York Times –A tiny glass telescope, the size of a pea, has been successfully implanted in the eyes of people with severely damaged retinas, helping them to read, watch television and better see familiar faces.  The new device is for people with an irreversible, advanced form of macular degeneration in which a blind spot develops in the central vision of both eyes….  READ STORY