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Washington and Lee student goes far with unique sport

© WDBJ-TV, Roanoke, Virginia — Matt Simpson isn’t exactly your average college student. In the top ten percent of his incoming class, the 19-year-old has a full scholarship at Washington and Lee University. With his guide dog Lacrosse by his side, he’s legally blind. He’s also a world champion…. READ ARTICLE

Season begins for visually impaired sport at Dist. 203

By Melissa Jenco © Daily Herald, Illinois — Naperville Unit District 203 athletes are perfecting their throws, blocks and passes as their new season of goalball begins. But there’s just one catch. They can’t see. The school district’s newest sport is for visually impaired students, giving them a chance to play a competitive sport without their sight being a factor…. READ ARTICLE

Showcase: Seeing a bright future

© New York Times — Ibraheem Shahadat, 17, lost his vision four years ago to a congenital, progressive disease called retinitis pigmentosa. “I was really scared and afraid,” he recalled. “I didn’t know how to handle it, how to deal with the situation. I was young. And being 13 and being told that you won’t be able to see again is pretty tragic news.” But in September 2007, Mr. Shahadat started to play goalball, a sport created for the visually impaired, for the New York Knights….  READ STORY