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Koppell slaps Savino on the vision thing

By Elizabeth Benjamin © Daily News, New York, NY — Bronx Councilman Oliver Koppell is calling on Staten Island state Sen. Diane Savino to retract her recent comments saying that Gov. Paterson’s job performance is “hindered” by his blindness…. READ STORY

Gov. Paterson blindsided by S.I. Sen. Diane Savino: Lack of vision not race the issue

By Kenneth Lovett © Daily News, New York, New York — It’s not his race–it’s his blindness. Democratic Staten Island Sen. Diane Savino charged that Paterson’s impaired vision is what’s actually hampering his ability to do the job…. READ STORY

Diane Savino Goes There

By Elizabeth Benjamin © Daily News, New York, New York — Sen. Diane Savino yesterday made some unusually candid comments on a topic that is often privately discussed in New York political circles but rarely so publicly – and bluntly – assessed: Whether Gov. David Paterson’s inability to see hampers his ability to govern…. READ STORY

Staten Island state senator says governor’s sight is hurting his work

By Judy L. Randall © Staten Island Advance, New York — Gov. David Paterson’s visual impairment has hindered his ability to govern, state Sen. Diane Savino said yesterday.  In an unusually candid assessment of a fellow Democrat, Ms. Savino also said the governor, who has slumped to 15 percent popularity in public opinion polls, sometimes appears “disengaged.”… READ STORY