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News service is a lifeline to the blind

By Merlene Davis © Lexington Herald-Leader, Kentucky — A friend and former neighbor of mine, Marjory Woolery, 88, always says she must have her cup of coffee and her newspaper to get her day started right. Because I earn a living in the newspaper business, I love hearing that. But what about those people who, like Woolery, love in-depth looks into the news, but who, unlike Woolery, aren’t able to read them? How do they fill that void? In Kentucky, anyone who is visually impaired or has other disabilities that block access to newspapers and magazines, can call Newsline, a service of the National Federation of the Blind that offers free access to newspapers and periodicals 24 hours a day…. READ ARTICLE

Kentucky radio service for the disabled scrambles to stay on the air

By Amy Wilson© Lexington Herlad-Leader, Kentucky — Last Monday, the management at Central Kentucky Radio Eye, the Lexington-based reading service for those physically unable to access the printed word, was informed that the network which provides the satellite feed for the majority of CKRE’s 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. broadcast was to cease all service Sept. 30. Margarget Chase, executive director at CKRE, immediately sent out letters to her 80 area volunteers explaining how devastating this will be for the blind and disabled across the country who depend on the InTouch Network, a service funded by the Jewish Guild for the Blind for 32 years. Determined not to have any dead air over CKRE’s airways, Chase and her staff created a plan to continue 24-hour service to the 3,000 customers they serve in Kentucky…. READ ARTICLE