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No Sights, Just Sounds: Being blind won’t stop these Tigers

By Coleman Swierc © KLTV, Tyler, Texas — Baseball is a game of sights and sounds. So imagine if the only thing you experienced were the sounds. The Tyler Tigers are a group of athletes that play the game, not with sight, but with sound. “I always wanted to play baseball, so when the Telephone Pioneers introduced the game of beep baseball, I tried it out, and I fell in love with it, and I have been going strong since 1994,” said Tigers president Larry Reed, who is blind…. READ ARTICLE

Blind ‘beep ball’ players to defend championship status during Stockton tourney

By Theresa Harrington © Contra Costa Times, California — Eric Mazariegos and his teammates on the West Coast Dawgs play baseball by ear. Blind or partially blind, they participate in a modified form of the game called “Beep Ball” — hitting and fielding a large softball that beeps. The top-notch athletes practiced last week in Concord, where Mazariegos lives, then headed to Stockton for the National Beep Ball Association World Series to defend their championship title…. READ STORY