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Artificial Retina Can Restore Sight to the Blind

By Eric Bland © Discovery News — An artificial retina could restore sight to the blind, according to new research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The device can be plugged directly into the optic nerve and is based on widely used cochlear implants. “We are skipping the rods and cones in the eye,” said Shawn Kelly, a professor at MIT who is developing the artificial retina. “Instead, we are using a camera outside the eye to collect the image, transmitting that image to a chip inside the eye, and using an electric current to directly stimulate the nerves…. READ ARTICLE

Artificial-retina Project Designed To Restore Sight To The Blind

© — Research performed at Caltech as part of a collaborative U.S. Department of Energy–funded artificial-retina project designed to restore sight to the blind has received one of R&D Magazine’s 2009 R&D 100 Awards…. READ STORY