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Meet Donna Azar, a resident of Wexford, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a small child, she was removed from parents because they were abusive and addicted to drugs. Donna’s adoptive parents were loving, and she currently enjoys a wonderful relationship with her husband.

Now meet Lorin Mills. Like Donna, she was also taken away from parents with child and substance abuse issues and became part of a new family where consistency, stability, and love were the norms.

On the surface, these similarities may seem unremarkable, but what recently transformed this scenario from pedestrian to definitely unbelievable was Donna learning that Lorin is her sister!

“Lorin knew that I existed, but I didn’t know that she existed,” Donna shared with KDKA TV reporter Dave Crawley. (Dave Crawley has been employed by KDKA TV since 1988, his stories often being of a human interest nature.) “I had been searching for Donna for 17 years,” older sister Lorin continued. “When I went to adoption.com, I found her adoption and birth names and we then met on Facebook.”

Donna told Dave Crawley that her first conversation with her long lost sister was “absolutely wonderful.” It was Donna’s brother who took that first call and told his sister that she had a sister and a brother named John.

During her visit to Pittsburgh to be reunited with her younger sister after three decades, the two also shared their incredible story on Pittsburgh Today Live, a talk show which Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate airs Monday through Friday.

Lorin learned in 2012 that her birth mother had passed away, and found her biological father lying in the grass at a Santa Cruz, California park while high on meth and alcohol. “My husband was with me,” Lorin stated, adding how emotional that encounter was for her.

Sad though it is, if this is the lifestyle the birth father wants to continue to explore, there is also the happiness built on the hope that their sisterly bonds will become stronger and that they can soon add a much sought after brother to this potpourri of love.

Source: www.pittsburgh.cbslocal.com, Facebook, and Twitter. (The article on which this piece is based was tweeted 11 times, shared 12 times via email, and received 164 likes on Facebook.)

If you are searching, or plan to search for a family member who was placed for adoption, visit adoption.com, where you will also find a toll-free number which answers 24 hours a day.

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