Feature Writer Lynne Tatum – Our First Holiday Cabaret

How could we forget that the streets of New York City during the holiday season are absolutely crammed with shoppers and tourists? As the bus inched its way down Fifth Avenue, I thanked everything that we were on a bus that makes limited stops. First stop — an ATM. I’ve scoped out several in that part of Midtown. As we weaved through the crowds, I fervently wished I could have taken to the skies like Mary Poppins.

From the bank we walked briskly to the famous makeup artists of M.A.C Cosmetics. Maria and I are a great team. I navigated us to the general area and she suggested we enter the brightly-lit establishment, which happened to be the correct entrance. Foolishly, I’d made our appointments too close to the time we’d need to be at the club for a tech run-through. I hoped that two makeup artists would do our faces at the same time — and that is indeed what happened. I was pleased that we’d requested the basic application, because it kept the cost to the reasonable price of $50.00. The compliments we received were a testament to their artistry.

Had I remembered that I could have used a special app to hail a cab for people with disabilities, we wouldn’t have had to fight our way through the even denser holiday crowds when we left M.A.C. I sighed in relief as we approached a waiting bus. Even though it also had limited stops, it still seemed to take forever to get from 56th Street to 46th Street. Then there was the long schlep from Fifth Avenue to Eighth Avenue. My shoes were comfortable, but Maria had counted on us being able to catch a cab and hers were not made for long walks. Ever the trooper, she gingerly made her way. Be warned: the huge, brightly-lit billboards extend from 42nd to 46th Streets. With my double-vision and glare, this is an unwelcome light show and I kept my eyes lowered as much as I dared. The milling throngs can also cause one to become completely disoriented. There at last, a few tunes were rehearsed for our tech engineer while our videographer set up the angles for her shots. I didn’t know that I’d have so much trouble finding the microphone. It became a running joke during the show.

Did the show go off without a hitch? No, but all reports suggest that a fun time was had by all. Maria and I have a naturally funny patter and we really do enjoy ourselves when performing. Our audience seemed pleased with our mix of traditional standards and humorous tunes, and we plan to stick with that formula. The fact that we’ve been invited back by the booking manager is thrilling. We ended the evening by savoring a delicious dinner in the club’s restaurant.

Happy Holidays to all the fantastic readers and writers of this wonderful newsletter.

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