Feature Writer Alena Roberts – Bring On the Games

Now that my grad school term is over, I can take a breath and have some fun. One of my favorite things about the iPhone is the number of games that are accessible. This year a number of awesome new games have been added to the VO accessible list. My three favorite are Codename Cygnus, Papa Sangre 2, and Solara.

I first learned about Codename Cygnus from their KickStarter campaign. The inspiration for the game was to create 21st century radio dramas that would add a choose-your-adventure like spin. In the game you are a spy trying to capture the bad guys. Every few minutes of game play you have to choose how you will respond. Instead of selecting a button, you get to make your choice with your voice. The game also has no visual component, so the developers had to make sure that the narration was descriptive enough for players to understand their surroundings. I really enjoy this game not only because it’s fun to be a spy, but also because the audio is so well done. Learn more about Codename Cygnus by visiting the AppleVis page: http://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/games/codename-cygnus

Next up is Papa Sangre 2. If you’ve played Papa Sangre or the Knight Jar then you will already have a feel for what Papa Sangre 2 will be like. If you’re not familiar with those games than prepare to be wowed. Papa Sangre 2 is another game that has no visual component. All of your movement in the game has to be done using your ears. The audio in this game is amazing. You really get a 3-D experience. Even better than that, though, is the fact that the narrator is Sean Bean. I really enjoy the challenge of this game and the fact that it is fun for everyone, not just the blind. Learn more about Papa Sangre 2 by visiting the AppleVis page: http://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/games/papa-sangre-ii

Finally, we leave the audio game world to enter Solara. This is a fun role playing game where you’re building a castle, going on quests, and fighting other players in an arena. One of the best things about this game, besides its accessibility, is that you can only play for a short time before you run out of gold. I like this because it means that I’m not spending all day playing, but that I can play multiple times throughout the day. The developer has also gone to a lot of work to make the game fully accessible. He’s added text descriptions of all of the buildings and players who use voiceover can even explore the layout of their castle and move buildings around. To learn more about Solara, visit the AppleVis page: http://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/games/solara

I hope everyone gets some time to play some fun games over the holidays. For more game ideas, visit the AppleVis Games page: http://www.applevis.com/ios-app-directory/games

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