Op Ed with Bob Branco – Bring On the Christmas Music

About two weeks ago, I was very pleased to discover that two local radio stations in my community began playing Christmas music around the clock. Though this decision wasn’t met with full support by the general public, Christmas music brings more spirituality to my life when I listen to it, the same kind of spirituality that many of us in this society need.

For example, there seems to be a growing trend away from religious activities. Catholic masses aren’t as well attended as they used to be, and, in some cases, Churches either have to merge with one another or unfortunately close their doors. There also seems to be less personal contact because of the strong addiction to texting and other available visual resources that go with today’s modern technology.

Many of the Christmas songs that we hear offer a positive aura which, at the very least, puts our lives into perspective. This music reminds us of joy, happiness, family, giving to one another, and how we should pray, be grateful for all that we have, love one another, and appreciate who we are with. Other Christmas songs put smiles on the faces of young, impressionable children who, given today’s dirty music, need another resource to neutralize that influence. For those of you who think that it is too early in the season for Christmas music, don’t criticize it. Just change the station! There are many other radio stations, television stations, cable channels and satellite outlets which continue to offer non-spiritual, secular, and the filthy rap music that some people have come to love. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather hear songs about the birth of Jesus than songs about gangsters who serve as role models or those instructing us how to perform sexual acts. With all the school shootings, the Boston Marathon bombings, the brutal murders we hear about, the decreasing desire for Church, and the increased disrespect that some of us encounter, we should hear Christmas music year round.

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