Reader’s Forum – Week of November 4, 2013

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Terri wrote:

Having forgotten to mention this last week regarding my article about Charles Allen Crane, I want to acknowledge feature writer Anne Chiapetta for inspiring me to further research and write about this awesome man from Canada and his contributions to accessibility to students with blindness or vision impairment.

I would also like to comment positively on what Karen wrote in Reader’s Forum (Monday, October 28, 2013). I couldn’t agree more that the best way to educate members of our society who are sighted is by using both kindness and humor. While there is nothing at all wrong with failing to accept help that is offered if that help is really not needed, I feel firmly that this refusal can be done graciously. For example, one of my frequent ways to indicate that I don’t need help is to say, “No, I don’t need any help, but thank you for asking, and you’ve already helped just by asking.” I also appreciated Karen’s assertion that it can sometimes be a good thing to accept help even if you don’t need it because it can inspire a conversation with someone who is going blind and also give that person a sense of feeling needed.

If our mission as persons who are blind or vision impaired truly is to educate, then let’s do it with gentleness, humor, and in ways that project us positively.


Cheryl wrote:

I think it would be great fun if some blind technicians out there developed a screen saver that would display nothing but endless lines of Braille dots — the Gettysburg Address, the Hippocratic Oath, the Los Angeles phone directory. I’ve just learned that my own screen saver depicts marshmallow people who float across the screen. Not crazy enough!

I have no prejudice against people who are light dependent, but wouldn’t it be cool to drive them nuts with lines and lines of refreshable dots that appear to make no sense??


Anita wrote:

I wish people would put their names in pen pal ads, and not just a Skype ID or what have you. Before anyone says they don’t feel comfortable in doing so, let me suggest that that if this is in fact the case, than I’m not sure why they’re hoping anything they write for example would be considered publishable material in the magazine anyhow! Being cautious is one thing, but not knowing who to ask for when using a messaging program or placing a Skype call in my opinion is nerve racking and thoughtless on their part!

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