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As a Council of the Blind member, I serve on a committee with a very intelligent and dedicated woman who is a certified life coach, her focus being on adjusting to life with blindness. As I have heard others talk about becoming trained in various types of coaching I almost find myself saying, “But isn’t any type of coach training at least several hundred dollars or even several thousand dollars?” If information I have read is correct and therefore also my assumptions based on it, I don’t know about all of our readers, of course, but I feel certain that most of us who are blind or vision impaired don’t have $5 thousand or $10 thousand just lying around. Having read the above statements and my assumptions, you now may be saying, “So, okay. Most of us in the blindness community lack the money which many and maybe even most coaching programs charge, but how can any program which describes itself as “comprehensive” offer their training free of charge? Enter BOSS the “Blind Online Success System.”

Mr. Donald Brown, Jr., who is legally blind, became BOSS’s first apprentice in 2006. Because program founders Jeff Wark and Loretta “Lori” Steffen liked Donald’s work so much, Brown became a co-founder and together the thriving threesome saw possibilities for persons who are blind or vision impaired to learn time-tested strategies, techniques and tools of online marketing. Equally important to persons with varying degrees of vision impairment is how talented this well-trained threesome are in seeking out industry software that is compatible with JAWS, other speech screen readers and magnification programs.

Even though there is no cost, does online marketing sound like a difficult process? When you hear phrases like, “comprehensive Internet marketing coaching and training” do they sound intimidating? If you answered “Yes” to either or both of those questions, program developers and promoters promise on their website that online marketing is neither hard nor intimidating. These entrepreneurs also point out, however, that neither is it just putting up a website and then forgetting about it or getting rich quickly through multi-level Marketing (MLM) or what still others in the business call “Pyramid marketing.”

As a member of BOSS, you will learn by doing – that is, you will learn about Internet marketing and how to start your own business by assisting Jeff and Lori along with other business professionals. The ways in which you will help and the skills you will learn include: writing and submitting news releases; writing reports; developing web content; and providing customer service by checking E-mails and returning phone calls.

If you are a beginner, the professionals at BOSS will teach you, and if you are already skilled, you can both learn from and teach others in this dynamic program.

If the Blind Online Support System sounds like a program you might be interested in, you are eligible if you are blind or vision-impaired; would like to start your own online marketing business or assist others with theirs and have reasonably good computer skills. To learn more and apply, visit www.blindonlinesuccesssystem.com/info

Tell us in Readers Forum if you have utilized this coaching program and what you think of it. Also, should there be programs like this solely for persons who are blind or vision impaired?

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