Feature Writer Alena Roberts – Learning About Accessible Apps for IOS and the Mac on Applevis.com

The built-in apps that come with the iPhone and Mac are very useful, but it’s the hundreds of thousands of other apps that you can get that are the driving force behind people using Apple products. One downside though is that many of the apps that are available are not accessible with Voiceover. So then the question becomes, how do I find out which apps are voiceover friendly and which are not? Simple, visit the Applevis website, and you will likely find an app that fits your needs, and if you don’t you have the option to ask other users if they have suggestions.

www.applevis.com is a user generated website that is dedicated to informing IOS and Mac users about apps that are accessible with Voiceover. The website offers information about apps in multiple formats. The sections of the website include: Apps, Forum, Blog, Podcasts, Guides, App Deals, and Accessory Guides. Having all these options means that visitors can learn not only about whether an app is accessible, but they may also find a blog post or podcast that gives information on how to use the app.

Browsing the apps that have been posted to the website can be done in multiple ways. One of the most common is to browse by category. Once you’ve chosen a category, you then have the option of filtering your results based on a number of criteria. You may for instance want to only see apps that are free. You also may only want to see apps that have been marked as fully accessible with Voiceover. Having these filters will reduce the number of apps that you have to look through and hopefully point you toward an app that you will choose to download. Another good way to learn about apps that are useful to the blind, is to browse through the list of apps that have been specifically designed for people who are blind or low vision.

The benefit of the website being user generated is that most of the apps have been tested before they are posted to the website. Anyone who has an Applevis account can submit apps, post to the forum, add user guides for apps, and much more. The more users, the more content, and the more apps that the blind will know about.

If you have further questions about the website, feel free to post them in the Reader’s Forum.

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