Feature Writer Lynne Tatum – iOS App Update

Have you been using any iPhone apps you consider really cool? Below are three I’m finding convenient and fun.

BlindSquare ($9.99): I’ve had this app for some time but have only recently begun using it on a regular basis. I salivated for Sendero’s long-awaited Seeing Eye GPS app but I’ve been incredibly impressed with this cheaper solution, and feel it’s a fairly good contender. As I’ve said to many, it’s offered us the freedom to get on any bus and get off at the correct bus stop. I know I can ask the driver but sometimes they’re ornery – and so am I. BlindSquare offers a level of independence that I’ve never known, which makes my iPhone even more indispensable. With the latest update, you can even plan a route. It didn’t find the address for my job but it did find that of Lighthouse International. Initially, I had all points of interest turned on but I’ve filtered it so that now only streets are announced. The developer welcomes your feedback and has graciously thanked me for mine via Twitter.

Instapaper ($3.99): As you might expect, I consume much of my news via Twitter. Deluged with articles from many sources, Instapaper enables me to read them in a clean, stripped-down fashion. You can read them right away or open them later. The bare and spare articles are perfect for sites you’ve found too cluttered. You can create your account on the web at www.instapaper.com. Once you open the app, the Read Later list is conveniently located at the top of a list of options. Also, note that the Edit button is at the top right and provides the ability to organize and delete articles in a relatively Voiceover-friendly manner.

Capti Web Player ($2.99): Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with “Samantha”. She and I have a beautiful relationship. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to change it up a little. The Capti-Web player offers the ability to read articles with the Acapella speech synthesizers – “Heather” and “Ryan”. Once I got the knack of making a playlist, the app became infinitely more attractive. Indeed, this was the idea behind the development of the app. Here are some hints. Once you’ve added articles to the playlist, double-tap on the “Playlist” button; next double-tap on the Edit button at the top right; select your articles; then double-tap on the Done button. Double Tap on the first article you would like to read and the rest should follow. Additionally, go to the regular Settings button of your iDevice; locate Capti Web player and you’ll find options such as the ability to change to the male voice.

What apps have you found APPsolutely indispensable? Do Tell!

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