Reader’s Forum – Week of March 25, 2013

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In response to Feature Writer Lynne Tatum – The Many Ways to Learn and Teach, David wrote:

How do you help yourself or others learn a new subject? I dread this very thing. I have to ask around or try to find someone who might possibly know what I need to learn, a very hard prospect. Then I have to figure out how much it might cost, if the adaptive software has good tech support, and go from there. I find it quite an effort to upgrade computers, change software, and then find some things are easier; others, not. As it is, I am trying to learn scopist skills, but it’s an uphill battle.

I don’t find learning fun anymore – too much hangs on my getting it right.


In response to Feature Writer John Christie – Justice or Leniency? Dave wrote:

I would like to say he should, since it’s his first offense, receive 5 years probation, and pay back all the value of what he stole, unless she drops the charges. He should be treated like everybody else who is not blind.


Linda wrote in to say:

I completed Grade Two Braille about 5 years ago and try to practice about 30 minutes each day. I read with the index finger of my left hand and, as you can guess, do not have this hand free to maintain the margin position on the page. I can attempt to relearn with my right index, but know that this will be a laborious task that will definitely make Braille reading less enjoyable. I may prefer to fight than switch at age 69!

Can I hear from those who have had success with switching or those who have perfected the art of left-hand reading?

Thanks a lot and kind regards.

Linda Tennent

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