Reader’s Forum – Week of March 18, 2013

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In response to Op Ed with Bob Branco – Please, Don’t Serve Those Cupcakes, Jean wrote:

My granddaughter can’t even have home-made cupcake in her school. They have to be ordered through the cafeteria so they are made according to health codes in the state. Things are definitely no longer “Leave it to Beaver.”

Jean Marcley
In response to Feature Writer Karen Crowder’s Series on the Ingalls Sisters, David wrote:

I enjoyed the article this week about Mary Ingalls. That school sounds very nice. I’m glad Mary had that opportunity. I wish she had become a teacher. I wonder why she did not. She sounds like she had a nice life. A rather genteel life.

I wonder what blind people did in the 1890s and early 1900s. Were there opportunities or did it depend on your family, who you knew, and if you could get on at a school for the blind?

By the time I went to a residential school, blind teachers were rare. Most teachers were sighted. What blind teachers we still had were elderly maiden ladies who taught Braille or the elementary grades. They either lived with a relative or at the school.

Speaking of teachers, I thought Steven Famiglietti’s article about his resource teacher was interesting. I mainstreamed part of each day for three years in high school. I attended several high schools–it could have been managed better. I kept being changed from one high school to another. No continuity. Blind schools can be little kingdoms ruled over by dictatorial authorities.

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