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When I heard the preview for Steve Harvey’s November 16th, 2012 show, I was intrigued.

“What side of himself that we’ve never seen will Steve show?” I wondered as I reflected on this awesome author’s and compassionate commedian’s talents. With Steve’s down-to-earth humor, the very serious side he showed was that of undergoing a colonoscopy. The physician then examines the colon for polyps. “It’s very common to see polyps in the colon,” Doctor Christine, Steve’s physician, stated. Doctor Christine also explained that these growths are usually noncancerous, adding that they can become malignant if undetected.

“I have three small polyps which are going to be removed,” Mr. Harvey revealed during his procedure.

Thankfully, this 55-year-old national icon who has been inspiring audiences to laugh and learn since age 28, was given a clean bill of health. Not everyone is so blessed, however–90 percent of individuals diagnosed with colon cancer are in their fifties.

Regarding risk factors, Steve’s renowned Emory University physician listed the following habits that could increase problems in the future: having a family or personal history; being obese; consuming large amounts of alcohol; smoking; and eating too few fruits and vegetables.

“This may be an unorthodox way to spread the word,” Steve told his audience, “but our community doesn’t know about it. Even with all my resources, I didn’t know,” Steve shared.

“I don’t have grandchildren yet,” this proud father of 7 confided, “but I want to have some and live to see them.”

As an American Cancer Society spokesperson, Steve couldn’t have been more passionate when he ended the segment by saying, “I wanted to show my colonoscopy to send the message that having one is no big deal. If you have this done, you live, and if you don’t get it done, you’re taking a risk.”

With his unique blend of humor and honesty, Mr. Steve Harvey is the best ambassador colon cancer awareness could ever have.

Have any of you been affected by colon cancer, whether you, a family member or both were diagnosed? Tell us about it in Readers Forum.

Sources: www.steveharveytv.com/talking-about-colon-cancer/ and “All Joking Aside,” featuring Steve Harvey on Youtube. More info tv.com/shows/steve-harvey/? www.cancer.org coloncancerfoundation.org, and the American Cancer Society: 1-800-227-2345 or visit acs.org. Feel free to like Steve Harvey on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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