Feature Writer Alena Roberts – A New and Innovative Way to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

As amazing as the human body is, sometimes it’s not so smart, especially when it attacks itself in instances of an auto-immune disease like multiple sclerosis. As it stands now, MS can either be a mild condition if it is well controlled, or it can be completely debilitating, causing paralysis or blindness. By using nanotechnology, researchers at Northwestern University may have found a way to effectively treat all MS patients.

Currently, MS patients have few options for treatment. The most effective treatments weaken their immune system by stopping the body from attacking itself. This may help with symptoms and slow down the progression of the disease, but it makes them much more susceptible to infections and illness. By using biodegradable nano-particles, researchers have been able to trick the body into stopping the attack on the myelin membrane that insulates the nerve cells without also damaging the whole immune system.

This kind of treatment is a great breakthrough because it’s so versatile. In order for doctors to treat other immune diseases besides MS, all they have to do is change the antigen that the nano-particle is delivering. There is currently a clinical trial with MS patients that uses the patient’s white blood cells to deliver the antigen. This may be just as effective, but it is highly costly and labor intensive. Nano-particles can be easily replicated and manufactured on a wide scale making it much easier and cheaper to treat everyone.

I am very hopeful for this treatment and hope that it becomes available soon. To read the full article visit this link: http://www.disabled-world.com/medical/nanotechnology/nanoparticle.php

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