Feature Writer Steven Famiglietti – A Simple Change, A Big Result

Usually, I write about technology or personal experiences that I have gone through in my life. But this week, I wanted to share a recent discovery with everyone, because I think it could be helpful.

For many years, I’ve experienced muscle and joint pain. I’ve mentioned it to my doctor, but he didn’t think it was anything serious. I never insisted that any tests be performed and I figured that this was how the rest of my life was going to be. What puzzled me was that I am still young and I try my best to eat well, exercise, and get plenty of rest. I even do stretching daily to help with the joint and muscle discomfort.

Since I was born very prematurely, a few doctors had told me that my pain was a side effect of my early birth. This was another reason I figured that I would always experience this uncomfortable way of life.

I have been talking with friends of mine about this issue because this pain causes me to become easily tired and unmotivated. This is not a healthy way to live since I work a full time job and have a new dog to care for each day.

Several of my friends told me that they have been following a gluten free diet. I began to read about this kind of diet online and I’ve been talking to them about it. All of them explained that they feel much better as a result of eating gluten free and each person has said that they are more alert and, all around, feel much better.

So a few weeks ago, I decided to give it a try. Before trying it, I made two decisions–I would finish all of the foods I had already purchased, and if I didn’t see any results, I would go back to my old ways of eating. After only a few days, I noticed that I was more alert, and my joint and muscle pain had nearly disappeared.

The week before I started eating gluten free, I rated my pain on a scale from 1 to 10. During that week, there were a few days that my pain levels were up in the 6 to 8 ranges. Now, my pain levels are down to 2 and on some days they are at a 0. It is very interesting to me that a person can be fully able to eat and digest all foods, but they can actually be intolerant to some foods. After all, what we eat ends up being carried all throughout our bodies. Therefore, if something we eat should bother us, it is logical that if we eat things that don’t bother us, we can feel better.

I am going to continue my experiment and see how things progress throughout the next several weeks. I will say, I am feeling very well and I have quite a lot more energy during the day. I am sure that many of you are wondering why I haven’t consulted with my doctor, but I will be seeing them in a few weeks for my yearly exam and I am going to share my findings. I’m very interested to see what he has to say on the matter. I would also recommend that if any of you are considering changing your diet drastically, to please consult your doctor during the process as well.

Have any of you tried adjusting your diet to solve pain or discomfort? If so, share your findings in the Reader’s Forum.

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