Feature Writer Ann Chiappetta – Random Acts of Kindness

Last week’s article by Lynne Tatum inspired me to think of instances of kindness in my own life. I’ve been the recipient of kindness and have also paid it forward. While it took me some time to think of acts of kindness from which I’ve benefitted, I can clearly recall one act performed for my daughter’s benefit. It happened while coming off the subway in Chinatown.

It was summer and my daughter’s sandaled heel became caught in the turnstile exit, resulting in a jagged cut. Once we got to the street, I pulled her over, brought out a tissue, and wiped her tears while my husband looked at her foot. Suddenly, a man dressed in white appeared next to us, knelt to look at her foot, and fished in his belt pack. He handed my husband antiseptic wipes and a bandage and helped clean the wound and cover it up. He told us he was a nurse and was glad to help such a brave kid. Before we could say thanks, he melted away into the crowd. It’s times like this that I am grateful for people who don’t mind helping people.

Kindness is not limited to humans, though. I’m also reminded of a time when our apartment complex helped a fledgling bird find its way back to its nest. Enter the bird lady–me. A fledgling chick flew Woodstock-style into our pool area and was making a ruckus. I came out with my bird box and a towel, got someone to help me corner it, and I threw the towel on it. I picked it up and held it until its little heart slowed, then put it in the box and covered it.

One lady called the wild animal rescue hotline and obtained information on how to get the bird back near its tree and its parents. We took turns luring it near the fence where it first flew from, put down some seed and water, and then watched and waited. Eventually, we saw something. One neighbor described how the adult bird came down, reunited with its chick, and then hopped away into the trees with the chick following. Success!

Any way you look at it, taking action to help others, even animals, is making a positive difference in the world.

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