Contributor Valerie Moreno – Double Vision

Nobody wanted him.

When our local Search and Rescue found him abandoned in a store parking area, he had to be scraped off the frozen ground. A few months old, he was a cat in trouble–respiratory and eye infections stacked the odds against him, but he survived, though the eye infection left him with detached retinas. JJ was totally blind.

I found out about this beautiful Russian Blue from my daughter’s neighbor, who knew Caroline, a wonderful lady with foster cats. “Your mom would be perfect for JJ,” Rich told my daughter. “She’s blind and would know how to understand him.”

Connections were made and I met JJ and Caroline on November 3. The moment I touched the puffy-soft fur, I was lost to love. He was adopted and came to live with me the next day.

I was beside myself the morning of JJ’s arrival. Would he like me–or want another “cat mom”? How would both of us being blind impact the circumstances of getting to know each other? As soon as Caroline let JJ out of his carrier in the apartment, off he went to explore every shelf
and corner! Using a paw to trail along walls and gage heights, he learned the layout within a day. Hearing and scent are extraordinary in this courageous boy. I talked to him and sang and he knew my voice quickly. After putting his nose on my cheek one time, he seemed to know I was going to take care of him. He wasn’t happy with the bell collar, but stopped taking it off after I explained, “The bell will keep you from being stepped on.”

JJ’s being here has given me strength and confidence. In researching blind cats, I found that often they are “put down” because people assume they cannot have quality life without sight. As JJ and walk this path together of joy, adjustment and discovery, my hope is that our double vision of love and acceptance will encourage someone else to look beyond what seems hopeless and find true vision.

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