Feature Writer Terri Winaught – Almost No Accolades (A Tribute to the Tuskeegee Airmen)

“I am from Tuskeegee:
I fought in World War II.
I fought the fight bravely;
Was my duty to do.”

“I’m back home from fighting;
I hope some things have changed:
There’s much that needs righting;
So much to rearrange.”

“Once home in Tuskeegee,
We all went out to eat;
and were received rudely
with, ‘You can’t get a seat’!”

“But we fought for this country,”
we said with voices proud.
“That don’t matter to me;
No Negroes are allowed!”

“We’re frustrated airmen;
Upset with this nation,
We fought the war and then–
Back to segregation!”

It took some six decades
for voices to be raised.
Finally! Accolades!
These airmen have been praised!

They were from Tuskeegee;
They fought in World War II.
Airmen who fought bravely:
They’re now acknowledged, too!

Writer’s Note: The U.S. Military was segregated until 1946 when then President Harry S. Truman issued an order to integrate the Armed Forces.

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