NY Giants Vs. Seattle Seahawks Live Blog – October 9, 2011


End of the First Half.

According to Romeo, “Play has simply been too sloppy–on both sides. The Giants aren’t playing up to their potential and, quite frankly, they’re fonrtunate to be tied right now. Last week they were lucky to come back from behind in the 4th quarter, but they can’t keep living on the edge and coming back from a scoring deficit. They need to come out strong in the second half.”

I couldn’t agree more with Romeo. The first half was a slew of turnovers and posession changes. Neither team looks particularly dominant right now, so they each need to come up with a new game plan and shock their opponent when the second half starts.

The Giants will be receiving the ball to start the second half, so the focus will be on their offense and how they can string together plays without turning the ball over.

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