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As the good readers of the Matilda Ziegler know, my Mother is now ensconced in a temporary apartment.  She is passed 90 years old and can still “turn around” as we West Indians say, but she needs some help to manage regular meals and chores. We hope the things we’ve done and continue to do make life more comfortable and convenient for her.

New York City offers a wonderful program called City Meals On Wheels.  It is literally a lifesaver and I was relieved to find their website and contact information via Google.  Mama was most receptive as she knows friends who receive and speak highly of this daily service.  Meals are delivered from Sunday to Friday but they provide a snack-like meal for Saturdays as they do not deliver on that day.  I will leave the monthly suggested donation in an envelope and fervently hope that Mama remembers to give it to them. In the meantime, we’ve brought dinners and little treats we know she enjoys.  But what elicited the most positive reaction?  Bananas!  Honestly, it really is the small pleasures in someone’s life that are so very important.

As open to the idea of having meals delivered, Mama was just as resistant to having what is known here as a Home Attendant who could assist with light cleaning.  She believes she is still capable–and in many respects, she is–but she cannot handle it all.  We are doing what we can to make the apartment as safe and homey as possible, but bags and boxes abound. Audio description:  “Bright light bulbs shine over our heads!  The Container Store to the rescue!”

We trooped there and had a rewarding and fun shopping spree.  The store representative could not have been more helpful and accommodating.  Patiently, she walked the huge store with us, scanner in hand, describing and tagging items that were immediately totaled.  I left with a much lighter bank account but a satisfied smile.  We called for a large taxi, piled the items in every which way we could, and made our way to her place to begin the daunting task of stuffing and stacking.  I’m also employing a new strategy with regard to the Home Attendant issue.  I’m referring to them as a helper. This doesn’t seem to ruffle her feathers as much. Wish me luck.

On another note, who would have thought having cable television and phone service installed would be a complicated endeavor?  Well, it does help if you have the correct address.  The short story is that Mama now has three different street numbers, and like a magic key, we had to see which one fit our cable company.

We’re definitely getting there!

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