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In the sport of wrestling, earning national championship honors at both the high school and college levels is quite the accomplishment.  As arduous as that may be, imagine achieving all of that with just one leg. Fortunately, for Arizona State senior Anthony Robles, he does not have to dream about that anymore.

Last weekend, the 22-year-old Robles, who was born without a right leg, transformed that dream into reality in Philadelphia.

By his own admission, Roble’s initial dabble into wrestling began rather inauspiciously. But with time there came improvement, and eventually he became determined to wind up exactly where he did. When it all started back in high school, he weighed less than 100-pounds. Now, at 125-pounds–and able to bench-press more than 300 pounds–he leaves the sport at the top of his weight class.

As many great champions do, Robles saved his best season for last. He did not lose a single match this year, and the coup de grace was a master piece. His opponent, Matt McDonough, last year’s national champion, was just what the doctor ordered for Mr. Robles final act. He assumed his regular starting position, and by the time the contest concluded, Mr. Robles emerged victorious in a landslide. Afterwards, the usually calm Robles did confess to being awfully nervous prior to the match. “I almost started crying,” he said, “I was scared.”

For all that he has accomplished it would appear that Mr. Robles has chosen to embark on the ideal career path. He aspires to be a motivational speaker, and hopes that many people can find strength in his journey. Despite his professional goals, Robles said he did not do any of this for the attention or recognition. Instead, it was all for the love of the sport that helped to build his own intestinal fortitude and shape his character.

Source:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704433904576212721437205698.html

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