Op Ed with Bob Branco – Emailing Tips

I know that many of you already do this, but I thought I would mention an important tip when emailing to groups. How many times do you open up an email and have to scroll down because you have to go through all the other email addresses that this person is also sending their letter to?  This morning I received an email in which I had to use my down arrow key over a hundred times before reaching the body of the email, because the sender

listed about 20 other addresses, the person who forwarded the email to the sender also listed about 20 addresses, and the person who forwarded the email to the other person who forwarded the email to the sender also listed about 20 other addresses.  All you need to do, when sending an email to a group of people, is to put your email address on the “TO” line, skip the “CC” line, and list all of your recipients on the “BCC (blind carbon copy” line.  This is what I just did.  None of you know exactly how many people are receiving this email, and frankly, none of your email addresses are exposed to everyone else.  I’ve had people ask me not to include them in my groups for fear that their email address would be exposed.  If you use this method, no one needs to worry, and no one has to scroll down through half a page of addresses from several previous forwards. They can get right to the body of the letter right away.

At one time, one of you asked me not to include you in groups because you thought your email address would be exposed.  But guess what?  With this method, you don’t even see your own address any more.

I hope this was a helpful emailing hint, because I’m sure that you agree how tedious it is to have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll through several forwards, several lists, and several captions before you finally read the email.  It’s not necessary.

The other important thing that this method does is prevent unknown companies from obtaining your address in order to put you on their own mailing lists, either as part of a promotion or scam.  You may want to forward this helpful advice to your lists, and perhaps in the near future, no one will be scrolling down forever until actually reading what the sender wanted them to read.

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