How Millions Turned into Twenty Dollars

Of course, gambling was involved.

But it didn’t go down like you think.  Louise Chavez was playing the slot machines when she hit the jackpot and saw on her machine that she has won nearly 43 million dollars.  Immediately, there was someone there to verify her winnings, but they told her that there was a mistake.

According to Colorado gambling regulators, there was a software error in the machine that caused it to report a jackpot total that wasn’t even possible for that particular game.  The game was only designed to pay out a maximum of 251,000 dollars, a far cry from 43 million.  They informed her that she was only entitled to twenty dollars and eighteen cents. 

The gambling regulators went on to say that the machines are all about random number generators disguised with a bunch of bells and whistles.  this particular machine got all the bells and whistles confused and created an error, revealing an impossible winning amount.

The Chavez family has apparently retained a lawyer, so it would not be surprising if a case was built and brought to court.  With the testimony of the gambling regulators against them, it might be a tough case to win.

What do you think?  Should someone be penalized for a broken machine?  It did, after all, tell her she won the money.

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