“Free Bees! Get Your Free Bees Here!”

A Vancouver man recently took advantage of Craigslist during a very unique situation.

Nick Jennings was at home when he heard an awful lot of honking coming from a car in his driveway.  He noticed it was coming from his wife’s car and wondered if she needed help with something.  As he went outside, he could see why she was making such a racket: thousands of bees had surrounded her car.

She called him on the phone, asking what she should do.  After taking a careful look at what kind of bees they were dealing with, Nick saw that they were honey bees, not wasps, and told her to get out of the car and calmly walk inside.

He immediately went on Craigslist and posted an ad advertising free bees and asking for advice from anyone willing to give it regarding how to get rid of them.  Within an hour 50 people had responded, some recommending a local bee keeper, so Nick contacted him.

The bee keeper thinks that someone owns bee hives locally and that this is an offshoot colony that was looking for a place to spread its wings.  The queen and the rest of the bees took temporary shelter in a bush to hide from the rain and when the weather improves, the scout bees will go out and look for a more permanent dwelling.

The bee keeper eventually removed all of the bees.  By grabbing the queen, it forces the others to follow in her path.

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