No Link Between Mobile Phones and Cancer

In the largest study of its kind, researchers gathered data from ten thousand participants to see if there was any discernible connection between cell phone usage and cancer. Their findings reveal that there is no known biological reaction between human tissue and cell phone radiation that would cause cancer.
While this study should ease the worries of those who were concerned that they were zapping their brains with the phone pressed up against their ear, there were some quirks within the results that researchers needed to point out.  Even though there are no concrete connections between cell phones and brain tumors, there does seem to be a higher risk for developing brain tumors among people who use their phone for abnormally long periods of time–in this case they cited as much as 1,640 cumulative hours of cell phone use over a short period of time.  At the other end of the spectrum, they also found that people who engage in normal cell phone usage are actually less likely to have a brain tumor than people who don’t use cell phones at all.  

Those vastly different numbers tied to cell phone use are perplexing the researchers.  Some feel that it may be invalid data given to them by the test subjects, resulting in the numbers becoming outliers in the test and being generally disregarded when compared to the normal data distribution that they were seeing.

Whatever the case, the point still stands that after years of research done on ten thousand people, scientists were unable to find anything that would lead them to believe there was a sinister connection between cell phones and cancer.  At this point, researchers are saying that there isn’t much else that they can study about cell phones that they don’t know already, and that the millions of dollars that go into these kinds of exercises would be better spent on other medical research where the results might be more beneficial for mankind.

I suppose that now society needs to be the judge and decide whether or not these results are satisfactory or not, because as far as the researchers are concerned, this case is all but closed at this point.

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