Starting on March 30, the Ziegler will be made available to all of our readers on NFB-Newsline®.  The service now offers over 300 newspapers from across the country and is totally free for all of you to use.  What follows is a basic overview of NFB-Newsline® functions to get you started.  We’re going to be making calls to people who have requested a notification about NFB-Newsline®, but if you know anyone who you think would like to listen to our magazine, please let them know.

To sign up for NFB-Newsline®, you can either contact your state’s Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, or contact the National Federation of the Blind at 1-866-504-7300.

Once signed up, you can call 1-888-882-1629 from any touch-tone phone.  Once you reach the main menu of NFB-Newsline®, you have multiple options.  You can dial:

1 – for NFB-NEWSLINE® announcements

2 – for Your State’s Information Channel

3 – for Newspapers in your state

4 – for Your Favorites

5 – for Newspapers from a different state

6 – to CONTINUE reading where you last left off

7 – for Magazines

8 – for Television Listings


If you require help, and dial 9 for instructions, you’ll find that there are 10 different help sections to choose from.  Once you begin listening to help lessons, you can either press 3 to proceed to the next lesson, or 1 to return to the previous lesson.

When in an article, use these key commands to navigate through NFB-NEWSLINE®:

1 – Return to previous article

2 – Return to beginning of current article

3 – Move to next article

4 – Read previous line

5 – Return to beginning of line

6 – Read next line

7 – Slow down speaking speed

8 – Change speaking voice

9 – Speed up speaking speed

* – Go back one menu

# – Help Mode for the current menu

#,5 – Spell (follow the directions)

#,# – Search for a word or phrase (follow the directions)

#,3 – Hang up

0 – Pause for 1 minute

0,0 – Speech Control: 1 or 3 – Adjust the volume, 4 or 6 – Change the pitch, 7 or 9 Change the speed

If you need help at any time while in an article or TV Listing, press the pound key (#). You will hear NFB-NEWSLINE® say:

“Press the star key to exit Help, Press any other key to learn about its function.” When you press a key, NFB-NEWSLINE® will tell you what that key does within the current feature.

To read about the more advanced controls on NFB-Newsline®, please go to

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