Around the World Flight Record Broken

A trio of Swiss Pilots bested Steve Fossett’s record by flying around the world in 57 hours and 54 minutes.  During their trip, they made 10 pit stops for fuel, each lasting less than 20 minutes before they took to the skies again.  The chief pilot, Riccardo Mortara claimed that they could have shaved another 5 hours off of their flight time, but a violent volcano eruption occurring in Iceland forced them to alter their flight path and avoid the towering inferno of dirt and smoke.  Still, even with that sizable delay, their time still beat Fossett’s by nearly 10 hours.

What’s perhaps the most impressive about this feat is that the plane used to accomplish the trip was not a cutting-edge super jet, but rather a 29 year old plane that had been retrofitted with some newer instruments that allowed the pilots to predict wind speed and direction more accurately.  During the almost two and a half day flight, the three pilots would take turns flying between their planned fuel stops.

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