Blind Gamer Completes Complex Game

While video games aren’t brought up here very often, this article was just too good to not write on. 

Recently, Jordan Verner, a blind teenager who is a fan of the Legend of Zelda video game, posted some videos of him completing parts of the game on youtube.  At first it was just for fun, but it did gain the attention of a decent amount of people in the gaming community.  So he decided to start asking for tips on how to beat the game.  Initially, he wasn’t expecting much from the people who had found his videos, nor did he expect that their help would be able to assist him through the game.

However, another gamer that he had met online made it his mission to help Jordan through the complex levels of the game.  By using Skype, an internet-based communication tool that enables people to talk and see each other online, Roy Williams and three other gamers were able to help Jordan out.  The four gamers would play different sections of the complex three-dimensional game, recording every necessary move to navigate through every piece of every level.  Then, they would send it to Jordan in a word document and his computer would read him the detailed instructions, acting as a perfect guide for him to move through the game.

While the average gamer is said to be able to complete the game in about two weeks, it took Jordan and his online gamer companions nearly two years to get him to the end of the game.  All of the instructions given to him totaled roughly one hundred thousand keystrokes.

When he finally reached the end, Jordan was elated.  “It felt great,” he said.  “I felt strong, I felt like the sky’s the limit.  Our school’s motto–and I live by it–is the impossible is only the untried.”

There’s no word on what Jordan’s next gaming conquest will be, but he now has people that are willing to help him and a great attitude to achieve his goal.

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