Tears as factory that gave hope to disabled shuts after 156 years

By Frank Urquhart © The Scotsman, U.K. — Colin and Helen Middler collapsed in tears in one another’s arms yesterday as the doors finally closed on the workshops for the blind and disabled where they fell in love 22 years ago. Mr Middler, 44, who has been sightless since he was 14, has worked at the Glencraft factory – formerly the Aberdeen workshops for the blind and disabled – for almost three decades. His wife, 42, who suffers from severe visual impairment, has worked in the factory’s showroom, selling beds and mattresses, for 22 years. They were among 34 blind and disabled workers at the plant who were yesterday left on the jobs scrapheap as the entire workforce of 51 men and women were made redundant. The sheltered workshops in Wellington Road closed ending a 156-year history of providing employment to the disabled and visually impaired in the city…. READ ARTICLE

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